brandon_scott (brandon_scott) wrote,

Athena's fixed and that makes me uber happy. I've also given her a make-over: a new face (photoshopped wallpaper) that I've secretly been working on and a new GUI shell design makes me sweaty with excitment. I love me my shell kernal! Lastly, I gave Athena a new logon screen. I'm working on a new bootup screen but I haven't finished with it yet.

In other news, the envelope is in the mailbox right now waiting to be picked up so you can expect it in 2-3 business days ( /me <3's firstclass!). I hate trusting important shit to the US Postal Service, but then again I wouldn't trust FedEx, UPS or DHL either... maybe she's right, maybe I do have trust issues... but that's for another post altogether.

At I made a pledge to not sleep with non-voters for a week, so you all had better be out there voting today, no excuses!

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