Dec. 9th, 2004 03:05 am:
My heart yearns, but for what I do not know

Part of me wants to write and part of me doesn't. I know I haven't in a while. I suppose I'm just waiting until the right words come to me. I will post a proper entry before I leave, I promise. Less than a month to go now.

P.S. My dialy events in the last couple of weeks don't even interest me, let alone make for blogging content. There is no way I'd force you to succumb to such torture. If you must know, I've spent my days wrapping up unfinished business with all of my contacts, playing Matrix Online, giving my friend the occasional ride to school, and meeting with my Sargent twice a week for PT and pre-BCT prep'ing. That's "physical training" and "basic combat training". Oh, and I modeled for 2 of my girlfriend's photography assignments last weekend, that was yay cool.

Listening to: Radio Free Zion

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