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So I just came back from a field trip with my mom and her class of 18 kindergardners. We went and saw The Polar Express IMAX style with a huge screen and 3D glasses at City Walk. It was a blast! Especially because I wasn't responcible for any of them. Almost immediately a little boy latched on to me and we became pals over the course of the day. Come to find out he's a little shy and some of the other boys pick on him because he uses pink to color and whatnot. He's actually very bright once he opens up to you and he uses pink because it either goes with the picture or because he's making the picture for his mom and he figures that she'll like pink ('cause she's a girl). Oh, and its a private school so they're all wearing shin-length skirts or shirts and clip-on ties, which is extremely adorable on 5-year-olds.

Yeah, so I got home at 3:30 and then left for PT at 4:00...

[16 Dec 1:08pm] Update: Thirteen and a half hours of solid sleep is a beautiful thing!

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