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Yesterday and the Day Before

Two days ago singingstar and I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. When we pulled up at 9:45 (park opens at 10) we were 1 of maybe 8 cars. At the front gate we were 2 of maybe 30 and all day we were 2 of only 150-200. I swear there were more employees then there were customers. It was frickin' awesome! Yes. We hit up all the major rides (that were open) in a mere two hours. Went to the Mooselodge and sat there for about an hour just eating and talking.

The last time I was there Batman and Superman were new rides and Superman kept breaking down. So Riddler's Revenge and Scream were nice. The newest ride however, "X", was orgasmic! The individual cars rotate on the track. Through the course of it you end up doing a frontflip, two backflips, and two (what they call) Raven turns. Sometimes the traack was below you like a standard rollercoaster, and sometimes it was above you and you hung from it. Hawtness all over!

Then yesterday ny_jem, singingstar and I hung out for the afternoon, evening, night, early morning. Alicia and I got Baja Fresh then headed over to Julie's. We went to Roxie's Deli out in T.O. for the memories. Then we watched "Finding Neverland" at Edwards where we all go at good cry. That movie is amazing! It hit each of us in a different and unique, yet profound way. "It was a good reminder."

Then we went out to the valley for some early morning DDR'ing at Family Fun Arcade. By the time we finished it was somewhere between 1 and 2am. Went to 7-11 for slurpies but they didn't have the flavor that I wanted so we went to Micky D's for M&M and Oreo McFluries. Yum!

Then closer to the 2 o'clock hour we headed back into Simi. Some assholes were chasing eachother and flew past us going down the grade into Simi. I estimated them going between 100-110. Then a vehicle with lights across its back seat got on at Khuner. I could see "Highway Patrol" written across his back truck with my headlights for just a moment before he floored it and took off. The three of us were hoping for it and sure enough just before Sycamore he threw on his lights and pulled over the one that was in front. It was an awesome ending to a great evening. How often do you see someone drive asshole-ish and you wonder where the cops are? Well this time they showed and gave us a pretty blue and red (with a hint of orange) light display.

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