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I only say 'goodbye' when I plan to say 'hello' another day

So here I am in sunny Arizona enjoying the facilities of Fort Huachuca! I am alive and doing well, just glad to be out of Missouri. Sorry if you live there but I hope to never have to return to that state again.

For those that want to write me or send me stuff, my new address is:
PV2 Wybenga, Brandon
1st Platoon
E Co. 309th MI Bn.
Ft. Huachuca, AZ 85613
Nothing needs to be written on the back of the envelope. I can receive any reading material (books, magazines, etc.) as long as they're not porn, and I can receive food and CDs. So if there's anything that you want me to hear, feel free to burn it and send it. In a few weeks I should be allowed electronics (i.e. computer in my room, cell phone, etc.) but for now I have to use the library's computers.

You can email me or I'll check both of those as often as I can, prolly about once every other day, but still, its quicker than snail mail.

I'm not sure what else to write, but if you have any questions leave a comment and I'll do that whole reply thing.

I hope life is treating you well.

[EDIT:] Oh, I guess I should update you with my situation. I started class on Tuesday, was issued my books and laptop. Wednesday afternoon I got pulled from class (along with 7 others) because there wasn't room in the class... miscommunication between the Drill Sergeants and the Instructors. Anyways, I'll start class on 18 April with F Co. if they have room. Other wise I will start with E Co.'s next cycle on 9 May. Needless to say this sets back my graduation date. The course is still 19 weeks and 4 days from the time I start it. Luckily my privilege phases begin from the time I get here, not from the time class starts, so being able to wear civilian clothes, go off post, or have a cellphone won't be affected by this.

For now I'm chilling around base, doing favors for the Drills (they get to know me, I get privs from them, and get on their good side). Its okay I guess, a break before I start class. Unfortunately I had to turn in the laptop and books so I can't really get a head start on class. My roommates are in class but due to the nature of the topics being covered, notes are useless unless you're there for the lecture.

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