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First weekend at Ft. Huachuca

This weekend was my first real weekend here. Last weekend I was on a 72 hour lockdown because I had just arrived. So a bunch of us went shopping at the PX (Postal Exchange, like an on post mall), saw the movie Constantine for a couple bucks, and did a little free cosmic bowling. You can always tell those straight out of Basic, we're the ones having the dance party in the back of the bowling alley just because we love/miss music. Sunday we caught a screening of Sahara, pretty funny movie.

Sunday night through Thursday night I have CQ from 1800 till 0600 the next morning. I forget what CQ stands for but I sit at a desk on the main floor of the barracks and watch the security cameras for people trying to sneak out or whatever. Mostly I just watch DVDs. The nice thing is is that during the day I have "CQ Recovery" meaning that I don't have to do diddly squat. I get to sleep during the day, I can walk around the post if I want, I don't need to be at any formations or any of that bull. I actually don't mind it. The first night is the hardest because you're up for all those hours. After that you just flip your sleep patterns and you're good to go. At the end of the week I have CQ Recovery all day Fri. (from Thurs night's CQ) and then I'm all rested to go out Fri night and Sat night.

I think next weekend we're going to try the only club here on post. It'll either be really cool or it will suck really bad. Maybe I'll request a day pass to go off post and see what there's to see in Sierra Vista (the town just outside of Ft. Huachuca).

My battle buddies are all real cool, a combination of some awesome people I've met here and of those I went to Basic with that I decided to keep contact with. We're a mixed group of males and females, most of us are white with a pair of black battles just to raise the average coolness level of the group. Pictures to come as soon as I am able.

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