Apr. 10th, 2005 10:47 am:
Just another Saturday night...

Man, with playing pool on the weekday evenings and bowling on the weekends, I'm actually starting to get good. One thing with the bowling alley though, it makes me miss DDR. But then again hanging out with my battles here make me miss alot of things. I think I'll call Julie today. Saw the movie Man of the House. For the most part its just a serious of events that don't really relate. It is somewhat funny though, just don't expect it to have a plot. I think next weekend I'm going to try to catch Million Dollar Baby.

So the other day a Drill Sergeant from another company felt compelled to come over to our barracks and tell my Drill how squared away he thought I was. It was awesome. Hints: Use starch when you iron your uniforms, use parade gloss when you shine your boots, use warm water (instead of cool) to form your barret against your head, and those who know to look for it will tell when you get a weekly haircut.

I gave my photos to my folks to distribute among family so I need to ask them to scan one and email it to me. Once I get it, I'll post it here or in my userinfo for all of you to see.

Still no word of when I'll be starting class. I hope to phase 2 weeks from now, which means a comp in my room and a cell in my hand! w00t!!!!!11two3

[EDIT:] P.S. squealer has an awesome Wicked layout! "Wicked" as in the musical, not as in "gnarly." Oh, and I went through and friended everyone that had me on their friends list... no reason for me to be mean and not add them.

Feeling: [mood icon] calm

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