Jun. 26th, 2005 09:58 pm:
Class Schedule for Fall 05

PSY M01Intro to Psychology0830-0950 TTH79904Tennant M
S M10AIntro to Comp Programming w/ C++1130-1250 TTH78574Aguilera C
CNSE M04ANetworking Aspects of Multiplayer Gaming1000-1250 W70090Garcia E
CIS M30Web Page Design I1730-2120 T78148Shinder L
RT M01Media and Society1000-1120 TTH73434Miller A

13 units, of which 3 classes are computer... I think this will be a good way to ease back into college.

Oh, and don't ask why I'm taking all the intro classes to programming...

[EDIT:] I'll put it all in a pretty (and readable) table when i feel like it, prolly later.

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