brandon_scott (brandon_scott) wrote,

Through the good times and the bad...

I`m at my dad`s mother`s cousin`s ville on a mountain-side overlooking Lake Como here in Italy. Simply amazing! Makes me wish I were a millionaire... Anyways, I`m going good and having fun. This month has been quick-paced and I can`t believe that I only have a few nights left here. But still it will be nice to sleep in my own bed at home... home, my home. Funny how those words can have such an impact, especially when "home" has recently been redefined for you. As I was saying, it will be good to be home, living out of a suitcase gets old after awhile. But don`t worry, I may be coming home with a few souvenirs... wow, I hope spell check can fix that because I have no idea how to spell souvenirs. This month has been good for me, its given me alot of time to think and reflect. While I still need much more time to sort some things out in my life, I`ve at least got them semi-prioritized now on which hurdles I want to tackle first.


P.S. European keyboards are now the bane of my existence!

P.P.S. LJ`s spell check is my hero!

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