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Am looking for...

a new computer desk! Glass (or a fake version thereof) and black metal, maybe even wrought iron. Needs to fit a CPU (9" wide, 18" deep, 20" tall), LCD monitor (15" wide, 8" deep, 16" tall [the monitor's adjustable so those are the bare minimum measurements]), standard 101-key keyboard and mouse. Doesn't need to but would be nice if it had CD storage and maybe even room for my sound system (17" wide, 18" deep, 3" tall [but I can't set anything heavy on it]). I've looked at Staples and Office Depot. Any suggestions? Any furniture companies that you like? Wickes or Levitz perhaps?

Well, after looking at Staples, Office Depot, Ikea, Walmart, Target, Costco, and Pier1, I've yet to find anything I like. The closest I've come is as follows:

Black glass on the left:


For those of you who know what my room looks like, you understand my fustration. Oh well, I'll look more later, right now its din-din time!

Music: Jack Johnson - Bubble Toes | Mood: fustrated

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