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IE7: What does it have that Firefox doesn't?

I've been having a play around with IE7 and to be honest I haven't seen anything yet that would make me desert Firefox. The only features I've seen that IE7 has so far that Firefox doesn't are:

- A slight improvement on the back/next buttons. Instead of having a separate list of "previous" and "next" pages for the Back and Forward buttons, it now combines the various recently viewed pages into a single list.

- The Stop and Refresh buttons are now combined into one and displayed next to the Address bar

- Shrink to Fit print option (IE is awful for printing) - now pages will fit to the page rather than getting cropped

Although IE7 is an improvement and includes tabs support, search toolbars and RSS processing plus security improvements, it still doesn't do enough for me to close the gap on Firefox and Opera.

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