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Yay ...I guess

New cell, same great  taste!  number! That's right folks, in a final fit of furry I kicked Sprint to the curb like the skanky whore they are and wed myself to Verison. With a few well placed phone calls and my military connections, I did it all for free! Here's the break down: told Sprint that I was being deployed and so they cancelled my contract without paying the $150 cancellation fee. The nice Verison guy ported over my number to my new phone. The phone cost $149.99 with a $50 mail-in rebate. Then he credited my Verison account for $100 (so I won't have any bills for awhile). So I basically got the phone for free and made a cent in the process. Then I got the Verison guy to give me a car adapter, leather case, and USB data cable for free. That's $60 in accessories right there. AND my plan is better than the one I had with Sprint so I'll be saving money as the months go by. The major bonus though is that I now have a cell that gets reception anywhere between the San Fernando Valley and the ocean. PLUS all Verison mobile to mobile calls are free! Damn I'm a smooth criminal. I just raped Sprint pirate-style!

[EDIT:] Oh, and the reason why I have "I guess" in the subject is because that "final fit of furry" happened last night when I had an emergency and needed someone to drive me to the hospital. I had no reception (and wasn't at home) and couldn't have even called 911 if I need to (though I didn't need to because it wasn't that much of an emergency). I ended up walking to the hospital and decided that this was complete crap, there is no reason why I should continue caring a cellphone with me that doesn't fucking work. Hence the pirate-styled Sprint rapage. The end.

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