Sep. 1st, 2005 02:05 pm:
Backdate? Who backdates?

So I'm taking my Sociology paper that I wrote a couple semesters ago at CSUN and am rehashing it for my Psychology paper at Moorpark. And to make it even better, I'm also using it for my Media & Society class! Maybe "rehashing" is the wrong word. I'm taking the topic of my paper, continuing research, and writing a new paper from scratch while referencing my old paper (yes, it's in the bibliography). Since I like the topic so much, I may just end up posting excerpts here. But because they'll be long, I will backdate them to keep them off of your Friends Page. Why not just use an LJ-cut? Because its my LJ! "Wut-eva, I do wut I want!" So deal. It's alright, you're over it.

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