Sep. 2nd, 2005 09:38 am:
Just some random stuffs

So after a little game of phone tag, I talked to her last night. Told her that I didn't want to date her and that I had no interest in sleeping with her. I think she agrees that its for the best. Besides, I don't want to lose such a good friend to something stupid like a rebound.

In other news, I'm looking at buying a car. Its a 96 Ford Escort Wagon.... that's right folk, a wagon! I'm going to live in this thing and it'll be awesome. Here's a blurry pic that the owner took:

And now, I'm off to  the races  Stephanie's! So here's a schedule:

Razor Scooter to Simi Train Station.
Board 3:36pm train #784.
Arrive in Anaheim at 5:51pm.
Scooter to Stephanie's house:
- From train station, go RIGHT (east) on E. Katella Ave.
- Cross bridge and turn RIGHT onto W. Struck Ave.
- Turn RIGHT onto N. Main St.
- Turn LEFT onto E. Walnut Ave.
- Turn RIGHT onto N. Olive St.

(est. scootering distance ~3 miles)

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