brandon_scott (brandon_scott) wrote,

" 'Cause its cheap, like the budgey!"

Cheapest gas in Simi is
the 76 on Sycamore and LA at $2.91 and
the Arco on LA and 5th St. (between 1st and Madera) also at $2.91

If you can only use a specific brand:
the Shell on Cochran and Sycamore at $2.93
Costco also at $2.93
Cheveron (Cochran and Erringer or the one on Sycamore off the 118 exit) $2.95
Mobil (Sterns and Cochran) $3.05

Prena, Alliance, and Thrifty are shady and expensive.

Thank you fishbaum for getting these prices.
Prices as of 9:30 Friday night.

Cheapest gas in all of Ventura is
the Shell on Vineyard and Stroube (Oxnard) at $2.86

Extra points if you can name the quote in the subject.

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