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Operation Escort

Op Escort is fully underway. Contact was made a few days ago and my field agents will be meeting with the target's handler in just a few minutes. My field agents have made the pick up and have all necessary resources with them. Hopefully they will be able to acquire the target without much resistance and rendezvous with me in an hour or so. Such things cannot be timed to exaction. I'm uber excited. Once the target is acquired and payment is made to all parties involved, the next phase of Operation Escort shall commence. Only at that time will I elaborate on what all of this is about... unless, of course, you are part of Op Escort, in which case you already know what this is all about.

Operation Escort: if not me, then someone acting on my behalf.

Today's Lucky Number: 0.017819706 (or 17/954 )

[EDIT 2:21] Blast it! The target's handler is inexplicably "sick" even though he was at the meeting point. My field agents will try for another meeting tomorrow at 1600 hours.

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