brandon_scott (brandon_scott) wrote,

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Op Escort

So Phase I of Operation Escort was a complete success, the target is now in my possession (well, as soon as I wrap up the paperwork tomorrow). Everyone involved with Phase I has been rightfully paid and debriefed. Huge "Thank You!"s go out to my 2 field agents. Phase II has already begun. I've made the drop off with a Contact of mine who will be running diagnostics, clean up, and damage control. From there, the target will be hand delivered to individual cells, of which each will be responsible for a different aspect of the modifications to be made to the target. Secrecy is key, unfortunately "those-who-must-not-know" are already suspecting foul play. I must think of an appropriate diversion. I know that I promised answers at this time, but I must hold out a little longer. The possibility of an information leak is too strong.

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