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Secret Spilling Time!

Okay, so on Tuesday night I ditched class and went to Hollywood to check out the new Neighborhoodies store down there. I've heard so much about them that I decided to go check them out. Random, I know. Anyways, I met a guy who works there named D.J. (Devon James). So I hung around until he got off work and then we hit the streets of Hollywood!

The mood for the evening was quickly set as we found ourselves walking into Fredrick's... and then into A Touch of Romance. After spending some time looking around we hopped into his car. While he was driving, I was having fun playing games with him like forcing him to try to concentrate on driving while my hand was scratching at the insides of his thighs. Even through his pants I could tell that he wasn't wearing any underwear.

We ended up driving to Hustler and parked on the bottom floor of the parking garage beneath the store. Someone had to do it sooner or later (if it hadn't've already been done) so I initiated things and we totally fooled around in the parking garage below Hustler! (ie. we each took turns going down on each other.) Then we caught our breaths, wiped the sweat from our brows and took the elevator up to the store.

Nothing major in the elevator, just some light making out. Once inside Hustler, we ran about like kids in a candy store (sorry to make an F.K. reference). After I talked DJ into buying some of my favorite lube (ID Millennium, thanks Anne!), he told me to pick out a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold and bought them (he knew that I didn't own a set of these myself). So we left Hustler, toys in hand, and headed back to the car. After some throwing around of ideas, we decided that it'd just be easiest if we got a hotel room.

DJ paid for the hotel room. And got the more expensive one with the jacuzzi tub! The rest of the night was amazing. Jacuzzi tub with hot water, king sized bed with toys and lube. It was a memorable night to be sure. I skipped some parts like we got Sushi for dinner and I missed Wednesday's class and whatnot, but those details don't really matter.

And now, he's on his way here to pick me up! I love secret rendezvous meetings in the middle of the night, its so romantic. I'll prolly spend the night at his place but I have to be back by 9:30 because I've got Taekwondo testing tomorrow morning at 11. I'll update later about tonight if I feel like it.

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