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Well, I'm Back

I've come back to LiveJournal. I'm working on an all new layout that will harness some of the newer technologies in Mozilla's browsers (sorry IE users but your browser is 3 years old...) I was pushing to have the release of my new layout corispond with my birthday but as the date gets closer it looks less and less likely. I still need to flush out some of my code and it still needs to be converted to S2. BTW, I'm starting to like S2 more and more. The more I try to do with it, the more I begin to understand how limited it is in its ability as a programming language. Anyways, it will come when it comes. As of now I am spending my days working full time as a Geek Squad Agent under the umbrella of Best Buy. Free hours and days off are spent balancing time with ATHENA (my computer) and my friend(s).

Here's a question to ponder:

Wake up. Function as a normal human being. Sleep.
Wake up. Function as a normal human being. Sleep.
Day in and day out, we find ourselves in the monotony of life: self help books, work, family, friends, cars, house, medications... Most of us are simply trying to live a "normal" life. Have you ever found yourself wondering whether or not the goal of life should be normalcy?

Did you get this DVD on your doorstep too? Did you bother to watch it?

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