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Well well well...

Today is an important day for me. I finally reached a check point that lets me know that I'm doing good at this whole "life" thing. Don't get me wrong, things are nowhere near perfect, but then again life isn't supposed to be. So what makes today so special. I had my 120 day review at work. The following is the outcome of said review:
Performance Factors

1. Productivity
Completes all work assignments thoroughly and accurately. Accomplishes all work assignments in an efficient and timely manner. Works well independently and finds work when not busy. Achieves expected level of productivity and contributes to department objectives.
[   ] Below Expectations        [X] Meets Expectations
Comments:  Has passion for owning the business through awesome work ethics. Huge drive for profitable Precinct.

2. Job Knowledge
Understands and is able to effectively perform all job responsibilities. Has completed all required training programs and applies learned skills. Demonstrates a basic knowledge of Best Buy policies and procedures.
[   ] Below Expectations        [X] Meets Expectations
Comments:  Fast learner of Best Buy Precinct procedure.

3. Customer Service
Makes customers a priority over other tasks and takes action to satisfy customer needs. Understands and consistently applies Best Buy customer service standards. Handles difficult customers and situations in a professional manner. Is consistently friendly, patient and courteous when assisting customers.
[   ] Below Expectations        [X] Meets Expectations
Comments:  Awesome customer skills!!!

4. Interaction with Others
Treats co-workers and others with respect. Communicates effectively with others. Willingly accepts work direction and constructive feedback. Works effectively in a team environment. Regularly updates supervisor/manager on appropriate issues.
[   ] Below Expectations        [X] Meets Expectations
Comments:  Top notch communication skills with coworkers and supervisor!!!

5. Work Habits
Reports to work and “clocks in” on time, contacts management if absent or delayed, and returns promptly from breaks. Wears proper Best Buy work outfit and maintains professional appearance. Practices proper safety habits and takes appropriate action to remedy unsafe conditions. Promptly notifies management of serious issues. Respects company assets and property. Demonstrates flexibility in scheduling and work assignments.
[   ] Below Expectations        [X] Meets Expectations
Comments:  Brandon is the ultimate professional employee.

Overall Comments
I couldn’t ask for a more focused, passionate, driving employee!! If only all employees had Brandon’s work ethics. Definitely a must for my team!!

So now that I've gotten to this checkpoint, I'm ready for what's to come. Mainly, I'll allow myself more free time to the things I love (ie. gaming & LJ'ing), as well as I'm going to start looking at apartments in the surrounding areas and move out of my parents' house. I'm going to start saving for my Mini Cooper that I've wanted for so long (as soon as I pay for this year's Christmas).

For the first time in a long time I'm happy with myself. I'm proud of what I'm doing. I have realistic goals set and a time frame for which I was to achieve them. I've been off of the meds for almost a month now and I'm doing well.

Because of my good review, I'll be getting a raise in a week or so, not sure how much, but a raise nonetheless. Tomorrow I go to visit my aunt and uncle's new house. They already moved in so hopefully there'll be no work tomorrow, just house warming. Later tonight its movies with Jules and Barrett.

What's this? Am I actually looking forward to days to come? Am I actually happy with myself while being single (meaning, is my happiness true to myself and not dependent upon another)?

Things are looking up.

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