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Before I begin, a quick note:

I adopt the Jewish thought of Jesus (Yeshuah), that he was a great Rabbi, who's knowledge of the Mishnah was supposedly unparalleled. He was the rightful heir to rule Jerusalem (being a lineal decedent of the house of David after all), and was a political extremist.

Now, to dive into the real subject:

The Christian Church doesn't want you to know that the term "Jesus of Nazareth" is wrong. It's now regarded as historical fact that the town of Nazareth didn't exist until almost 75 years after Jesus died. Both Jewish and Roman maps of the area contest to this. The title was probably "Jesus the Nazarien". Seeing as how politics and Religion were inseparable at the time, political factions of Religious Zealots were very common, one such group of Fundamentalist jews bent on returning the rightful king to power were known as the "Nazareans" of which the historical Jesus is now thought to be a part of. After all, early transcriptions of the New Testament in the original Hebrew paint quite a different picture of Jesus in the garden...telling his disciples to, "Sell your possessions, clothing, and arm yourselves with swords..." as well as a "band" of men being sent to find him in the garden. The term "band" was a roman military term for anywhere between 100-1000 men. Hardly the picture of the pacifist that modern Christianity paints now is it?

Religion has marred historical research on anything to do with Jesus, because of all the "secret vaults", burning of historical artifacts/documents and the ever present threat of death and torture that the Church had in place for thousands of years to deter any and all questioning of those in power.

Jesus may have been a good person, had some neat ideas of peace and understanding...but thanks to thousands of years of genocide, torture, death, vandalism, censorship, war, and corruption...almost all of the actual historical relics/documents/findings of Jesus are almost all gone, or in this day and age flat out denied, censored, objected to, mysteriously "lost", kept hidden for no one to see, intentionally destroyed, "accidentally" destroyed, or more effectively said to be heretical, blasphemous, Satanic, un-holy, or down right wrong....

Pretty effective system in place huh? Makes you wonder what's trying to be hidden...

...all other history is made open to the public, what's so different about Christian history, other than the fact that it has a multi-billion dollar a year business and world dominating power structure in place with billions of followers all being told to follow a very small group of incredibly powerful individuals....Oh...nevermind...

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