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Educated Fun

So last night, for the first time, I had to call 911 on a friend while clubbing because they were "falling out" on E (not just passed out, she stopped breathing) and then follow the ambulance to the hospital. People do it, I use to do it, but for God's sake be fucking smart about it. While my friend's safety comes before my fun without a doubt, the situation could have easily been avoided with a little fore-thought. I'm joining and promoting DanceSafe. Hit me up if you want useful info without a lot of medical jargon about alcohol, safer sex, E(xtacy), (Special) K, G, speed, cocaine, or heroin. If you want to know about anything else, I'm sure I can look it up for you (I don't deal so don't bother asking). Comments are screened. Have fun, but please do it wisely.

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