brandon_scott (brandon_scott) wrote,

Are we there yet?

Frère Jacques, time to update!
Dormez-vous, LiveJournal?
Sonnez les matines, but its afternoon here.
Din, din, don. Ding, ding, DONG!

Well now, wasn't that entertaining?  And yet oh so educational.  Some might even have called it edutaining...

Are we there yet?  I'm here now, wherever here is.  Google Earth tells me that here is Tampa, Florida.  Besides all the unpacking, I had to move a four-and-a-half foot stack of broken down boxes to the curb for the trash guys to take away, that and stuff packing-paper into 50-gallon trash bags and move all 21 of them to the curb as well.  Verizon guys came and installed fiber optics, but while they were at it they dropped my dad's computer and damaged the harddrive.  Then the next day I wake to my mom complaining about her soaps, no tv.  Or internet or phone for that matter.  Time to call Verizon.  They couldn't fix it over the phone (no surprise there) so they said they'd have a technician out between 1 and 3 o'clock.  At 3:30 I called again to see where the hell the guy was.  Shall I remind you that the FiOS service has now been down more hours than its been up.  Anyways, the guy eventually came out and fixed it.  Meanwhile I needed to set up my mom's computer since my dad's was out of commission and it wasn't good enough because it didn't have a printer.  Moved my dad's printer over but couldn't find drivers/software.  I couldn't download them because the Verizon guy hadn't come yet.  So my mom's in a pissy mood because she can't print her shit.  My dad's still pissed from the Verizon guys toasting his comp yesterday.  Real positive energy around here....

Gotta go, more to come later.

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