Nov. 19th, 2007 04:00 pm:

So my friend Lisa showed me this guy's Flickr gallery of photos of computers who's desktops are pictures of what's behind it so that it looks like the monitor is transparent with floating icons and whatnot. Very cool. Don't get what I mean? Here's one of my favorites:

Want to see the rest of them? I bet you do, so without further ado: Transparent Screens

In other news, I'm at school super early to study for my final that's happening in 2 hours, only to realise that I forgot my textbook at my house (had spent the night at Lisa's).  Thank goodness for ITT's Virtual Library that has all their textbooks on there in PDFs.  So now I'm pretending to study while I'm really watching sideshows of transparent screens.  Well its programming, so I might as well punch out the practical portion of it (writing a program) so that come 6pm I only have 50 multi-choice to answer. Bye for now.

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