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Eastern Standard Time

So I'm back from California. My time there was amazing, saw everyone in my extended family that lives in Cali (more than 18 people), plus my closest friends in Simi.

I look around me and have decided that I like my life, its simple (no doubt), but enjoyable.  I go to school, I go to work, I spend time with Lisa, and I pay my bills; all while having a little fun in between.

Just woke up and remember having this weird dream.  I was at a football stadium but it was packed, people standing on the field shoulder to shoulder. They were all facing some theatre-style box-seat that had the Queen of England sitting in it.  For some reason I knew that it was the commissioning ceremony for the H.M.S. Mayflower. Some people spoke to the crowd at a microphone that was about 4 feet in front on the box-seat (which now that I'm awake is weird because that means all the speakers had their back to the Queen.)  Then I walked up, bowed before the Queen, and turned to deliver this speach:
Ladies and gentlemen,
distinguished guests,
important figureheads,
and fellow countrymen:
I am none of these.
But I am Brandon Wybenga
and I stand here before you
to say these words:
(dramatic pause)
Thank You!
I have no idea, it made sense in my dream. And there was lots of cheering, appearently the crowd liked it, especially this group of a couple hundred off to my left. Such a freaking weird dream!

And my last topic I want to bring up is a really well written entry by my friend kasmoie  about "the negativity and incredulity of those who choose to be victims of their own lives." As someone who left Simi to pursue greater and better things, some of his points really hit home. Well, just read it for yourself here.

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