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Oh Jack, "What's this?!"

So I'm super excited! I'm 3 business days from a check posting that will render me completely debt free. My last final was Thursday and I ended with another straight-A quarter. Things were clarified between Lisa and I so there are no more gray areas. New classes start tomorrow.

Also tomorrow the fraud of a car that I've been driving will be picked up and shipped back to the original owner leaving me in the clear there.  See, the owner was delinquent on his car payments so there was a repo order put out on it. Instead he sold it to me for cheap. I just found out about this 3 weeks ago so now I'm cutting my losses before the lean holder tries to come after me for fraud.

Removing viruses and spyware on the side of my regular job for sushi and other foodies. My pool game is getting damn good. And I've cut back on my drinking. All-in-all things are looking up.

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