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To Leads and Back Again

a stolen title but
1 leads to 2
2 Leads  and back again  to stay.
To the moon and back again--
missed when not written.
2 rings
Of three
1 on my finger
Of things remembered
a pocket shrine
a prayer in the night.
Shouting thoughts barely a whisper.
An escape: a CD--
Oh la la...!
Shiny shoes! Shiny shoes!
A phone call and a text
a photo on my phone.
Did I Ever Tell You How Special You Are?
Yes but please read it aloud again.
clockwork oranges and picture frames.
Haunted mansions and fireworks:
the perfect times to kiss--
the perfect kisses time and again.
Coffee on Wednesdays,
walks in the park--
more than just reasons to hold hands.
Photographs and pictures:
moments frozen in time.
The Wait...  I still do.
not for mafias or crews
not for second chances
or missed opportunities.
For movies and painting
alone together time
The innocent fun
and not-so-innocent fun
1 leg temperature control
Heat of the night warms my heart.
Cold days on the beach,
walk the pier to the photobooth
ride the elevator to the Roosevelt.
Crepes in SB, Paris on the brain.
A golden tie and black tuxedos,
dresses and gowns--not just for promenading
and a day at the races.
Midnight kisses, midday hugs.
The story of us is almost as long as this.
The final chapter not yet written,
And so this isn't the last line......


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