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Impressed? I'm not...

So apparently I've been on the Dean's List since first quarter and the faculty just forgot to tell me. Oh well, I'm happy with my 3.875 GPA. I'm starting to become that annoying smart kid that screws the curve for the lesser committed students. I pay too damn much to skip days or not pay attention. I prefer those classes where the instructor wants to teach the hell out of the class.

Anyways, went and saw Sweeny Todd with Kristi and Marshall on Wednesday. Kristi and I loved it, Marshall hated it. If you haven't seen it yet, its definitely worth your $9.50. Then on Thursday Kristi and I walked to the local bagelry while Marshall went to work. We had bagels and iced coffees and sat and read magazines. Then it started to rain and we laughed and had Marshall come to pick us up. The bagel lady was nice and gave us a whole bunch of bagels for free since they were closing soon. We seriously hung out there for close to 3 hours.

Last night was an impromptu game night with the 3 of us and Joey and Chris. I enjoy these because we don't have to go anywhere and worry about drinking and rides. We can be in PJs and supper comfy. Played a bit of Bocce Ball out on the lighted lawn in the middle of the night. Marshall got cranky so he went to bed. Soon after everyone else crashed out too. Kristi and I stayed up till after 5 asking eachother questions from the Question Book. We shared some good stuff.

And so now my sharing with you, dear Reader, has come to an end. Hope you all had as good a week as I've had (minus being sick Monday & Tuesday).

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