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Superbowl not so super

Soup bowls and toilet bowls are other kinds of super bowls.

Anyways, Sunday consisted of Kristi and I annoying Marshall while he tried to watch the game. He was sad that he didn't have HD or surround sound, so we turned it up loud and Kristi and I would hit him whenever there was a tackle. It made it very 3D. Commercials were sub-par this year. I like the talking baby ones where he buys/sells stock. And the one with Justin Timberlake was pretty funny as well. Just watch out for the mailbox. Oh, and we watched the PuppyBowl too. AnimalPlanet runs it all day, its hours of puppies playing. It's great.

On a completely different note, I had a great idea the other night. Instead of looking back at each year and writing a year-in-review. I'm going to look forward and do a year-in-advance. Just play along for the sake of argument. Pretend its December 2008:

So 2008 has been a great year! Here's some of the sweet action items that happened this year. Being December, I just earned my AA in Computer Networking Systems and am halfway through to my BS in Information Security Systems. And I'm still on the Dean's List for having a 3.8 gpa or above! This year I also quit smoking. Funny how it happened, I just kinda got bored with it and that was that. This year I also edited my big post of deep dark secrets, changing it from private to friends only. And people were okay with it, mostly. This year also brought about a new job, very career-oriented. It's going great so far (despite some ups and downs) hopefully I'll be here for a good long while. This year I also put a new focus on time management. I'm now finding extra time to call those aunts and uncles that I've always wanted to get closer too. In addition to time management, I've also been focusing on money management. Living on a budget is not easy but the benefits are quickly becoming obvious. With this has also come a new car. It's not the car of my dreams but it does make me very happy. This year has not been without its bumps, I'm not trying to fool myself here. But overall I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere in life. And I'm happy.

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