February 11th, 2003

[Xanga:] Wishing I was Asian at Arcade Infinity

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I've heard Bijan and Mike talk about AI multiple time, and finally I was invited to go! On Friday, after school, I took the bus with Bijan to house. We just messed around there, played games, and called people to see if anyone else wanted to go. Having such late notice, noone else was able to go, which I actually perferred. I like smaller groups over large ones.

So at around 6, Mike came and picked us up and drove us out to AI, a 40-minute drive to Roland Heights, 60 miles from Simi. On the way there we stopped and got some harcore Bubble Tea with Boba, which are large tapioca balls. I'm not a big fan for tapioca, but Boba makes good ammunition for shooting from the extra-wide straws they provided us with.

Finally we arived to Live Plaza, where AI is. It is very Asian and Mike and I were the only two white people there. You couldn't really tell, except for the fact that we stood almost a foot and a half above everyone else. The arcade rocked. They had DDR's new 8th Mix, which was alot of fun but unbelievably more difficult than 7th Mix. There were some other cool games that I tried out but most of my quarters went into the DDR machine.

Then, when we were tired, sweaty, and poor, we went shopping around the plaza. We looked at some cool Manga books that opened on the left instead of the right. Mike got himself a newspaper that I later jacked. None of us could read a single word, it was great! Finally, each of us got a very small, very efficient mechanical pencil and some Asian candies.

Bijan drove us home, his third time behind the wheel, and only his second time on the freeway, without so much as a permit. He got up to 155 mph, it was interesting. So, we drove around till 1 just cruising and shooting Boba. Bijan gave chick advice to Mike and I. And then I crashed the night at Bijan's and Mike went home.

Bijan and I played Guilty Gear X 2 for the PS2 until around 3, untill he fell asleep. I decided not to wake him with the sounds of two characters fighting with kickin' music in the background, so I turned it off and did the sleep thing as well. I woke up at 6 and just sat there and chilled until Bijan woke up around 8. His mom made a damn good breakfast and then I had to go. So I left. The end.


hey bran! chillin in math class! w00t! look at me all sly n shit *knocks on desk* anyways i just wanted to say DDR roxorz my boxorz and i love chillin atgameworks in vegas. i love the seizures ur site gives me!! sooo neet! thank you! much love
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Posted 2/25/2003 11:07 AM by KatInTheHat

Hi! Ur the T.A. for my computer programming class. haah i jus saw ur Xanga cuz the name was on Iris' site, & i was like "hey i kno him!" Ok well, w/ that said, Adios!
Posted 2/27/2003 10:21 PM by cherrybaybee