April 8th, 2004

LiveJournal Etiquette

Etiquette, as defined by Dictionary.com, is "the practices and forms prescribed by social convention." Being as such, none of the following is mandatory. Also, please note that I am not a member of the LiveJournal staff and am solely responsible for my own views and opinions. With that said:</p>

First, realize that the majority of people who read your entries, read them through their own Friends Page moreso than through your own page. What does this mean? That when posting, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. That you shouldn't make your entries too long. You can reduce their size with the use of a LiveJournal invention known as the Cut. What kinds of things go behind a Cut?
    • Song lyrics can go behind a Cut, depending.
    • IM conversations can go behind a Cut, depending.
    • Anything more than one (1) photograph should be placed behind a Cut.
    • You may want to place pictures behind a Cut depending on their size and number.
    • For Paid Accounts, polls usually should go behind a Cut, though there are exceptions.
    • If you are posting more than one (1) quiz, you should probably put them behind a Cut.
    But Brandon, I don't know how to do a LiveJournal Cut! Collapse )

  2. To make reading easier on the eyes of your readers, use multiple paragraphs instead of just one large block of text. This helps the reader traverse from line to line without losing their place, as well as helping the reader to follow your thoughts from one main point to the next. This can be achieved with the <p> and </p> tags. Use the second, </p>, to end a paragraph and the first, <p>, to begin the next one. If, however, you simply want to use a line break, you can do so with a <br /> tag. Insert this anywhere to enter a carriage return as if you had hit the Enter key.

  3. While spelling is not a huge priority, it is something to take into consideration. I understand the concept of a "raw entry" where you just type out all of your thoughts regardless of spelling, punctuation, and other grammar. But, again, keep in mind your read. If they are having to guess at what you mean because of the lack of spelling coherency, then perhaps you should consider using LiveJournal's built-in spell checker. This can be done by simply placing a check in the box under the entry where it says "Spell check entry before posting"

  4. And lastly, give credit where credit is due. If that isn't your photo, song lyrics, poem, etc. then give the credit for it. No one will think less of your entry if there's a "By" line under a photograph or poem, or if you state the title and artist of the song. While no one will snag you for plagiarism if you don't, a little common curtesy would be nice.
Well that's it. The main point is to keep your reader (and how they're going to read this) in mind. For more information on LiveJournal Cuts and <P> n' <BR> tags, reference Collapse ).

[Edited for typographical errors.]