July 26th, 2005


List compiled July 25th, 2005 01:42PM
  •  unpack  25 July
  • laundry
  • clean out room (like 2/3 of all my possessions)
  •  register for classes  26 July
  • get a job
  • buy a car
  • get a life
  • learn the guitar
  • sell my bedroom furniture
  • buy new bedroom furniture
  • buy a closet organizer
  • finish my new LJ layout and get it uploaded
  • anything else...?
Oh and I was introduced to a new musical group today: Within Temptation. Check it out, they rock.
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    See Who I Am - Within Tempation

The Ultimate Tracker

I whipped this up because I was tired of jumping from website to website. Note: entry is back-dated to remove from friends' page.

The Ultimate Tracker

DHL: Track



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    If I Can't Love Her - Beauty and the Beast: A New Musical

Info Please

Since I've been back I've been trying to get all my contact info from my friends again. Please post a comment with your full name (including middle), postal address, cell/house number(s), email address(es), website url(s), birthday, Name's Day, wedding anniversary, any other important dates, etc. All comments will be screened and will stay that way for your privacy. Please only give me what you feel comfortably with my knowing. Thanks!
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