August 22nd, 2005

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So very emo... I wanna get out of the house... I'd go for a walk except for what happened last time I tried that... Maybe I'll go sit a Denny's and drink their gross coffee for hours on end by myself like I used to... wait, can't have that much caffeine... technically I'm not supposed to have caffeine but goddamnit sometimes you just have to say "fuck it" and eat some mother fucking candy...

I like the freedom of not having to worry about what I say or how I act around my female friends. I like the freedom to openly flirt. I like the freedom. But damn this loneliness.

The following is an active list of those people that I regularly hang out with. Those that are scratched off are unavailable right now for some reason or another:
  •  Julie 
  •  Michelle 
  •  Nydia 
  •  Barrett 
  •  Ariel 
So very emo... What happened...? Where are Corinne and Kire, we always say that we should hang out but somehow we just never do... Where are Bijan and Adam, at one time we were inseparable, spending every afternoon playing DDR... Where is Stephanie or even anyone else from "the old group" for that matter, they used to be my spiritual sisters and brothers... Where is Conkie's Crew and the Pie Mafia? What happened? How did I come down to being able to count all of my close friends on a single hand? Have I driven them away?



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