September 1st, 2005

Oh man...

So I had this horrible dream/nightmare that had me waking up sitting bolt up-right. And then after a few seconds, once the grogginess passed, I burst into tears. In the dream I had a CAT scan and the results came back with some kind of mass in the center of my brain, about the size of a marble but not that spherical. In the dream, the mass was the cause of my mood swings, headaches, and short-term memory loss... all of which I've been having in real life. I can't get the image out of my head, sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, looking at the crosscut of my brain--a light (almost cheerful) pink brain with this dark blue or purplish stain in the center. God I hope my subconscious isn't trying to tell me something... It's got me majorly freaked out. On the plus side, I'll have something interesting to talk to my psychologist about next session. Oh wait, have I mentioned on LJ? I go to a psychologist, yay me...
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Backdate? Who backdates?

So I'm taking my Sociology paper that I wrote a couple semesters ago at CSUN and am rehashing it for my Psychology paper at Moorpark. And to make it even better, I'm also using it for my Media & Society class! Maybe "rehashing" is the wrong word. I'm taking the topic of my paper, continuing research, and writing a new paper from scratch while referencing my old paper (yes, it's in the bibliography). Since I like the topic so much, I may just end up posting excerpts here. But because they'll be long, I will backdate them to keep them off of your Friends Page. Why not just use an LJ-cut? Because its my LJ! "Wut-eva, I do wut I want!" So deal. It's alright, you're over it.
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Reference Material (

component_help has "a collection of Reference Material and tools for coding and layout design." Discusses HTML, CSS and LiveJournal's S2 in addition to colors and provides links to other tools. It's very helpful and easy to read/follow. If you are interested in increasing ur L337 eljay skillz then j00 should check it out! You don't need to be using the Component LJ layout for this information to be relevant. Thank you to the author, uniquewonders, the community, component_help, and its moderator, kunzite1!
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