September 10th, 2005


2 birthday shout-outs go out today.

The first goes to my father who's turning... some old amount, between 41 and 49... I think.

And the second goes to kunzite1 who is turning 22! Feel free to go leave a comment on his LJ wishing him a


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" 'Cause its cheap, like the budgey!"

Cheapest gas in Simi is
the 76 on Sycamore and LA at $2.91 and
the Arco on LA and 5th St. (between 1st and Madera) also at $2.91

If you can only use a specific brand:
the Shell on Cochran and Sycamore at $2.93
Costco also at $2.93
Cheveron (Cochran and Erringer or the one on Sycamore off the 118 exit) $2.95
Mobil (Sterns and Cochran) $3.05

Prena, Alliance, and Thrifty are shady and expensive.

Thank you fishbaum for getting these prices.
Prices as of 9:30 Friday night.

Cheapest gas in all of Ventura is
the Shell on Vineyard and Stroube (Oxnard) at $2.86

Extra points if you can name the quote in the subject.


Don't you hate that feeling when you know bad news is coming and you're just waiting for it? My doctor gets the lab results Monday or Tuesday... I'm not expecting good news. Pray that it isn't terrible news. The anxiety is kill me. Its worse than waiting for Christmas morning. Although, anticipation of gifts is a better feeling than anticipation of suspected doom. "Time will tell." Indeed.

[EDIT:] In other news:
How much could you sell your body for? by xhappyxfoetusx
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