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Sitting in the hospital

Justin's spirits are up with all of us here. They finally found something in addition to the ITP, pneumonia, fever, migraines and vomiting. In addition to these, he has helicobacter pylori, a rare stomach bacteria. They're not sure where he picked it up, it's usually seen in 3rd world countries or densely populated international areas (like Berekely). Most likely it's not the cause of all this but something he picked up after the fact with his weakened immune system. More tests to be done, the infectious diseases specialist took a bunch of vials of blood to start testing for those rare 3rd world viruses. Lots of CT, MRI and MRA scans.

The fact of the matter is that his health will be compromised for the rest of his life. Aimee is a sweetheart but she can't continue to take care of him by herself and still bring in the income. So either they move out to Tampa or my parents and I move out here to SF, or all of us move back to Simi. I can go to school in Oxnard (by Simi), or in Tampa. If it's to SF I'm headed, then the closest campus is in Sacramento (2 hour drive). We'll see.

[2:59 Edit:]
They swabbed his nose a couple days ago and the lab just came back, he also has methicillin-resistent Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).  Staphylococcus is a bug that lives on all of our skin, nothing unusual about it. It's just that his immune system is so weak its causing problems. Methicillin-resiliant just means that normal antibiotics (like penicillin) doesn't treat it. This may also have been a cause of the fevers as the body tries to kill all of this stuff off.

It seems like every day he's here he learns about something new that he's got.  At least now with the MRSA he'll have a private hospital room for the rest of his life because once you have a history of it, they don't want you mixing with other patients.

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