July 4th, 2008

A moment to breath...

...in between loads of laundry.

It's the weekend which means that I get to do everything I've neglected over the work-week. Cleaning and paying bills and laundry, feels so adult-like. I try to have fun with it: put on good music and dance around from this to that.

So Boys' State was good. Had a city of 52 highschool juniors that I was a counselor for by myself. Kept me busy, needless to say. Got tased for the police demonstration. The taser wasn't as bad as the broken toe because in my convulsions I slammed my foot into the ground. The toe is on the mend but I haven't been able to run in over a week so I'm bummed about that. And it's difficult to dance around my room, its more of an awkward hobble to the beat.

Reallocating time is an important part of time management. As the Merovingian says, "If we do not take time, how can we ever have time?" As such, Alicia's project is back in full swing at the cost of other, lesser time-consumers. No postage necessary if mailed in the US.

Haven't played WoW in almost a month, think I'll log in today and see how the guild is.

Have some writings from my notebook that I want to transcribe so look forward to those. Need to scan through kasmoie's journal and pick out my favorite entries of his. I know I missed his deadline but he's still got some good stuff I'd like to add to my LJ memories.

Wrote a check yesterday to pay off one of my cards. Makes me happy. The other card is my active one and payments are manageable. Time to start saving for the down payment for <Bob Barker voice>A NEEEWW CAR!!</Bob Barker voice>

Guess that's it for now, school and work are still dominating my time. And I'm only slightly less sick of saying how tired I am than you are sick of hearing/reading about how tired I am. I think we're all tired.

Time to switch loads to the dryer and run another.

Love the freedom to love.
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