August 27th, 2008

Here's a sprinkling of what's been going on

So apparently October is the month of moving. Alicia is moving, Barrett is moving to Florida, and I'll be moving into a new apartment (hopefully). Very interesting all-in-all.

Yesterday an acquaintance turned me on to, its my new fascination. I'm finally going to have more than 1 friend here in Florida. Its like a support group for lonely people. There's the young professionals meetup and singles meetups and the network administrators meetup and book club meetups. I hope they're good and not creepy. We'll see. I still refuse to do online dating or craigslist (even the platonic section), even though this is similar.

It recently occurred to me that when I get my apartment and fill it with Ikea furniture (which I plan to) and then if I get addicted to meetups (aka support groups for lonely people) I'll be dangerously similar to the Narrator from Fight Club. Maybe I'll develop a second personality. I sincerely hope not. I also hope that I don't blow up my apartment... yeah, 'cause that would suck.

I have the house all to myself for the next couple of days and I'm loving it. Probably why I pushed up moving from January to October. My parents come back Friday and my grandparents fly in Saturday. I'm excited to see them.

Last night I hung out with Carissa and Ashley. They're cool and seem to be good people. I'm kicking myself though because when I met Carissa I used the "I just moved here and am not familiar with the area. What's good around here?" to start up a conversation. I didn't expect it to go anywhere. Well now I'm building friendships on a lie. Suck.

Grades haven't posted yet. I know what I got, I just like it to be official. Classes start Sept. 9th and I'm excited to start the last quarter of my lower division schooling. I wonder if my parents will help with the cost of moving for a graduation gift. There are alot of 1-time initial costs. Essential groceries (sauces and spices and such), furniture, security deposit, pizza and beer for the friends that are helping you move, etc. That'd be a cool gift.

Haven't been running since my toe healed. I need to get back into that. Going out drinking with newly met people is just so much more enticing.
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