February 26th, 2009

Alicia - Storm Watch '09

Now with B. Love Doppler 33,000!

There's an awesomeness advisory for southern California in effect along the I-10 east of Los Angeles. Be prepared for flash floods of awesomeness as you spot Tropical Storm Alicia.

Straight from the source: (4:10AM PST)
"There's no better time than 4am to wake&hit the road across the country"

Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute news as we track Alicia from coast to coast over the next couple of days with B. Love Doppler 33,000!

Alicia - Storm Watch '09

Ok, so maybe its not "up-to-the-minute" but I'm at work so give me a break. Anyways...

Straight from the source: (9:19AM PST)
"Hello arizona!"

Alicia has taken a turn for the north, the advisory along I-10 is no longer in effect. Although I-40 and Kingman, AZ is due to have a good time!

Lets check in with the B. Love Doppler 33,000** to see her progress as of 9:30AM PST! (Click the images to see full sized.)

Not too shabby for being just 5 hours into it.

Now lets go to our Eye In The Sky* to check out this sweet stop!

Who doesn't love a good truckstop and a tasty burger?

** B. Love Doppler 33,000 and Eye In The Sky actually Google Maps, copyright Google. (Don't sue me Google!)

Alicia Watch '09

Time for another update. This time, in the correct time zone! (Arizona is Mountain time, oops)

B. Love Doppler 33,000 what have you got for us?

As of 1:55PM MST

There was no where for our Eye In The Sky to land, so they had to take an arial shot.

Looks a little oblique, yes?

Luckily Alicia is due to continue East past this... "beautiful" desert.

Alicia Watch '09

Because we weren't able to land last time, we had our Eye In The Sky follow her. Here's her location at 2:46PM MST.

Holbrook, AZ looks like a nice place to drive through. Just don't blink otherwise you'll miss it.