February 27th, 2009

Alicia Watch '09

Alright, second day of Alicia Watch! After an overnight stop in Albuquerque, NM, Alicia is continuing east. Let's head on over to the trusty B. Love Doppler 33,000 to check out her progress thus far (as of 9:14AM MST).

We have (not so) secret satellite imagery of the location, conveniently marked with her location. With an A. For Alicia.

And we've even snagged a photo from a free-lancer who happened to be in the area (not) at the time.

What's Alicia have to say about this place?
"Tasty beverage stop" -Alicia, 9:14AM MST

And now...

Straight from the source: (8:24AM MST)
"On the road again! Talk about a late start!off towards texas"

Texes better prepare because there's an awesomeness front moving in in the next couple of hours. Don't worry though because it looks to be good weather across Texas highways with no rain and only spotty clouds on the east side of the state.

Alicia Watch '09

This just** in!

Straight from the source: (11:31AM MST, 12:31AM CST)
"Greetings from the Texas state line!"

Now, depending on the point of entry, any one of these lovely notices may have been encountered.

... or ...

Undoubtly this was also probably seen

** "Just" and in "I just got back to the office from lunch."

Alicia Watch '09

Quick update, 2:01PM CST

I know I described Texas' weather for today pretty well, but who doesn't love a pretty picture? So now let's go to our sister company's cousin's father's second wife's hair stylist's domestic partner's red-headed stepchild, Weather.com**

So Alicia, what do you think of the lovely state you're in?

"Texas = zzz  flat and so boring. At least i found a good radio station and cheap gas" -Alicia, 2:15PM CST

"Only 400 left for today!" -Alicia, 2:18PM CST

We're assuming she's talking about miles.

...But she could be counting the number of pickup trucks she's expecting to pass.

** No actual affiliation with Weather.com