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Damn my room is messy!

So I'm back in Tampa. I left last night at midnight and arrived here around 10am. The lack of sleep doesn't bother me so much as my stomach not knowing what to do. Because I was awake all night, I didn't fast so now I'm constantly hungry, but its that "always want to snack" hunger, I'm not hungry for any meal of sorts.

My brother is doing much better. All he needed was a visit from his little brother. The fever and lymph swelling are gone. The infections are being fought with antibiotics. The constant headache is really the only thing left. The neurologist can't find anything so the general consensus is that its a side effect of one of the medications. Possibly one of the pain-killers or anti-nauseas. His appetite is back up, which is also good. The only down side is that now he's not busy being sick, so he lays in the hospital bed all day stuck with his own thoughts. He's definitely bummed about have to drop classes again this semester. He feels like fate has is out against him completing school. It's a rough place to be mentally. And boredom is the devil's playground. But I know he'll pull through.

I know he's not excited about it, but it does look like he's going to be moving out here. Which makes us all wonder about the length of this Florida-ness. My father was planning 3-4 years and then retiring back in Simi. I was planning 2-3 to finish my Bachelor's and get on my feet before moving elsewhere. Who knows now. With all four of us here in Tampa...

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