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I was in the kitchen, I heard it, and came out!

How funny life is. My brother's on the mend, he will hopefully be released by the beginning of next week. I got a 93% on my essay and am currently carrying straight As in my classes. I've got tickets to go see Rent with Kristi.

And there's a new guy. His name's Adam and he gives me butterflies. We met March 29th at Round Up, it was his first time there. He's a sweetheart and was a big help when I was stressed out last week. Our first night we lade together and cuddled. On our first date, I was rushing between community service and class but still found time to get icecream together and walk in the park for an hour. He texts me things throughout the day that make me smile and sometimes even blush. Last night we went out for drinks and had a good time talking and sharing our pasts. He has baggage that matches mine.

So everything's finally going well in my life. All I'm missing is a job, but I know that's coming soon. Sorry for doubting you when you told me that everything would be okay.

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