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Time to do the no-pants dance!

Friday night Adam and I went to the Spaghetti Warehouse (not Factory) and then went to Club Steam at the Honey Pot. Danced my ass off and saw a pretty funny drag show. He was DD and I was wasted!

Saturday night I stayed in with my dad, we barbecued and watched a movie. He misses my mom being in Cali but won't say so. He doesn't have to.

Sunday I moved stuff around, crawled through the attic laying cable, installing a new network, and did lots of general spring cleaning. Being productive makes me happy.

So there's this town in Pennsylvania called California. They even have a community college called California University. This is just an FYI so you will never have to be as confused as I was when I read
California University, California PA

And lastly, tomorrow--Tuesday, April 15th--is McDonald's Tax Relief Day, buy a Big Mac and get the second one for a penny! It's also some deadline for something important but I don't remember.

You stay classy, San Diego.

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