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Month of Change

Dear Journal,

I know that's a little cliché but that's the kind of mood I'm in. Today marks Day 1 of my Month of Change. Well, 30 days. I'm tired of not liking the way things are and not doing anything about it. Why today? Because its just as arbitrary as tomorrow, only a day sooner. So to this effect, here are my goals and their timeline:
  • 30 Days of No Drinking - I think I'm becoming an alcoholic. If I can't go 30 days, then I know I am. At this age, I'm forming life-long living habits and I don't think I want being an alcoholic as one of them. Here's a thought, if I get the need to go out at night, I'll go jogging. I hate jogging. But it will prevent me from going out and drinking. So whether I stay in and do something else or I go out jogging, it's still a win-win situation for me.
  • 30 Days of No Smoking - Well, quitting. But I'll start with 30 days. I think I'm finally ready to quit and since I associate smoking with drinking, now's as good a time as any. It'll be a bitch, I'm not going to fool myself. But I'll thank myself when I'm older.
  • 30 Days of Not Sleeping In - You may laugh, but I'm sick of waking up at 2 in the afternoon. For the next 30 days, I'm going to set my alarm for 9am. Of course this is subject to change, but only ever earlier, never later. If I'm not up all night drinking, then I might as well shift my sleeping schedule so that I'm not idle or bored at night because that could jeopardize my goals.
  • Have a Job Within the Week - I've been holding out for a career-oriented job but I can't afford to do that any longer. This week I resolve to get a job, even if its working at Starbucks part-time. And this doesn't mean I'm going to stop looking for a real job.
  • Get My A+ Certification Within Two Weeks - I set this goal earlier and I'm going to keep to it. I have the Hardware portion pretty well done, just need to brush up on the OS section. And of course schedule the test. Already purchased a voucher for the test so the money's already spent, now I just need to do it.
  • Get My Network+ Certification Within Six Weeks - I gave myself a month to get the A+ so I'll spend 2 more weeks on that and then give myself a month for the Network+. I haven't looked at any study materials yet so I'm leaving this timeframe flexable. I will set it in stone in 2 weeks, after I have my A+.
  • Frame My H.S. Diploma and U.S. Army Basic Training Graduation Certificate Within the Week - These are both important accomplishments in my life and I should be proud of them. I want to frame them and hang them on my wall where I see them every day. I recommend this to anyone who has a diploma, degree, certification, or special license of any kind. You worked hard for that shit, hang it up loud and proud. In this day-in-age of instant gratification, you spent time and energy (and money) earning that. It ain't no mail-order diploma. When I get certifications in a few weeks and my AS in November, you better believe I'm framing that bitch. It'll remind me of how awesome I am when I'm hating some assignment from a Bachelor's class.
  • Earn My Associate's Degree in Computer Networking Systems by the End of November - November is my scheduled graduating date and I'm getting close to it. It's still a goal so it makes it on the list. I don't foresee any huge hurtles, I just need to stay motivated.
  • Re-evaluate Living in Florida in March - This is when my dad's contract is up, so we'll be doing this as a family. He most likely will be offered a permanent position here with the company that he's with now. So his option are to take it and stay, or move back to Cali. Where in Cali depends on where he gets a job. Possible job that he was looking at before include Orange County, San Fernando (live in Simi and commute), and San Fransisco. I'd be fine with any of those. But more importantly, I myself will need to evaluate where I'm living. Hopefully be then I'll be on my own feet by then. If they move back, will I stay to finish my BS or head back as well? There's no ITT in SanFran, closest is Sacramento. In Simi I can finish at the campus in Oxnard. An OC isn't really a problem, but am I OC material? I will come back to this one in November and see what I think then.
  • Have a Career Job by November - Hopefully sooner, but this is my deadline. It's 7 months from now but we all know how quick that can come. And I'll have my AS and at least 2 certifications by then.
  • Look Into Other Certifications After Six Weeks - This is a looser goal, just to look into it and not until after my other 2. Most likely I'll be looking at Cisco stuff, possibly getting my CCNA.
Whew! I think that's all of it. It's quite a list but now I've got it written down. And to my readers, feel free to hold me accountable to all of this, ask me how I'm progressing every now and then.

Time to finish my Comp paper before class tonight. Procrastinating in the classic Santa Su fashion.

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