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Breath Brandon

...and remember to smile!

~ DAY 3 ~

So busy, but let me tell you chronologically.

Monday night sucked horribly. I couldn't sleep and tossed and turned all night. Alarm went off at 9. I fell back asleep and woke up an hour and a half later at 10:30. I'll let it slide this one time since it was the first morning of my spectacular plan.

Last night was better. I spent it with Alex, we went to Stroker's (old Planet 9 Ball) to play pool. It gave my itching fingers something to do. Drank two $1.50 sodas.

This morning I've been running around like a mad man. Up at 9am, dropped Alex off (at Vet's and Gunn) took the Vet's down to 275, payed toll, and got off at Lois for my 10am appointment with TEK Systems. Signed some paperwork for a couple of projects this Friday and next, they're just 1-day computer moves with IBM who's moving office buildings. Nevertheless, I'll have paychecks coming to me, that kind counts for getting a job by the end of the week. Then I drove Dale Mabry north past Fletcher to pee in a cup for the drug screen, grabbed some McDonald's for lunch (free Southern Chicken Sandwiches when you buy a soda for the next couple Wednesdays). Hopped back on the Vet's, paid the toll again, and took the Courtney-Cambell bridge over to the 19 in Clearwater. Interviewed there, it went well, we'll see if I get a call back for a day-long 2nd interview/job-shadow thingy. Took McMullen Booth back through Oldsmar. (I'm giving street names so Tampa peeps know how far I've traveled today.) So just got home to take a breath and let you all know what's going on. I have another interview with DataPros Friday that I need to reschedule because of this IBM project. I hope they don't hold it against me and pass me over, not sure what I'm going to tell them when I call here in the next couple of min. And another company just called me as I'm writing this. So I have things in the works, we'll see.

People say that I shouldn't be interviewing while I'm quitting smoking because it makes me irritable. I think it makes me better at interviewing because I'm not nervous thinking about the interview, I'm too busy thinking about that next cig I want. As for the drinking, it only bothers me at night so its not too bad. So far, so good.

*Deep breath!* And now to study for my exam tonight. I got a good 2 hours before it. Here we go!

[EDIT 4:13pm EST]: Got a call back from Tradewind Promotions, so tomorrow I have to be in Clearwater by 8:30am to follow them around for the day. Could be fun.

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