Apr. 27th, 2008 02:40 pm:

So let's look at my goals and see how I did. I had 1 cigarette on Thursday night, and 3 last night. Was able to quit for all-intensive purposes except when I went out clubbing (Thurs and Sat nights). Didn't go 30 days, but let's see if I can do better this week.

Same story with drinking. I was fine until I had a crap day on Thursday and then I went out. Went to the Castle with Alex and had 2 vodka/crans and I finished off her rum & juice twice, so like 3 full drinks. Friday night Marshall's friend from Missouri flew in, we went out to a local bar. I drank about 2-1/2 mugs of beer (they were porn from a pitcher) and 1 jager bomb.

Yesterday we went to the beach, I had 1 beer all day. And then went out to the Castle again with Alex. Had 3 jager bombs and like 6 vodka/crans. Definitely got tanked last night. So I went from being drunk most nights of the week to drinking only 3 nights, and getting drunk only once. Nowhere near 30 days, but an improvement.

Had an all day "on-site" interview Thursday that was a complete waste of my time and energy. But my interview Friday morning with DataPros went great so I'm hopeful there. TEKsystems got me a project Friday afternoon that went well. Got another one coming up this Friday so at least I'll be getting a little paycheck. Haven't taken a temp job yet because I still have leads with career-oriented jobs and spent most my free time this week interviewing. Next week I don't have any interviews lined up so I'll use the time to cram for my A+ certification.

So, overall I didn't hit the moon but definitely ran into a star or 2. Can't really say that I landed among them. Knowing how I did though, I am now able to revamp my goals to make them a little more realistic. This week's action items are:

  • Only go out drinking once this week, and don't drink to get drunk.
  • Don't smoke except for the 1 night I drink, and that night only smoke 2 cigarettes.
  • Study for my A+ Cert test, and have it scheduled by the end of the week.
  • Finish the Spring Cleaning that I started in my room and finally get everything put away.
  • Finish my essay for Comp II and my Response Paper before class Tuesday night.
  • Take my online assessment test for Adecco and push them to schedule an interview.

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