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Here's a Hint

So I'm sitting here in class bored and decided that I want to do a new series of posts called Here's a Hint. Very similar to Homer's "You know what really grinds my gears?" Why? Because we all like to gripe, whine and complain. So here we go, the first 3 installments of Here's a Hint!

Ever see those signs that say "Slow Traffic Keep Right"?
Here's a Hint:
If you insist on driving slower than the flow of traffic, please stay to the right. I don't care if you want to drive at an unsafely slow speed, just do it over there so that I can easily pass you on the left.

Have you ever seen me not be my usual quick-on-the-draw with the credit card when it comes to closing out the tab or paying the check?
Here's a Hint:
It means that I think its about time you pay for something. But if you don't catch on, I'll usually still end up picking it up. If it really bothers me, I'll ask you if you wanna go dutch on it. I don't do that, so if I ever do it means that I'm secretly mad on the inside.

Have you ever noticed that I usually have gum, mints, or Listerine strips that I'm constantly offering you?
Here's a Hint:
It means you consistently have bad breath and I'm too nice a guy to tell you. Not one time, but every time I see you. Seriously, it reeks.

And not so much a HaH, but here's a random question: Why do people make references about reinventing, specifically, the wheel? What about the other simple machines like the wedge, the lever, or the pulley? When was the last time you heard someone say "Don't waste your time reinventing the inclined plane."
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