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3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time

Moral of the story:
Le Parkour Saves Lives.

Don't know what Le Parkour is? Shame on you. Educate yourself son.

Passed my A+ Cert with a 760 out of 900 (84%). Not too shabby, passing is 650 (72%). I'm putting off my Network+ until after June so I can get settled into my new job. Although I may bring study materials with me for on teh planes.

If you take a look at my my myspace (not your your yourspace) you'll also notice that I've been getting into Flobots - Handlebars. The live action music video is good but I prefer the animated one. They both hit a cord with my heart strings though. I might write up a little personal analysis later. Oh, and I find it very ironic that the music video on the record label's website is preceded with an ad for the Navy. Because I know that Handlebars makes me want to go join the military (ignore the fact that I actually had).

Why all the youtubing and music videos? Because I'm procrastinating studying for my finals on Monday and Wednesday. Ish otay, I have a 100% in Monday's Linux class and a 99.5% in Wednesday's Active Directory class. Over-achieving much? No handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars.

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