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Fun in the Sun

So this one's been two weeks in coming...

Memorial Day weekend I went out on Sunday and lost my phone in the sofa of club. I had been wearing new shorts that night and didn't think to check and see how easily stuff fell out of the pockets when I sat. Called my phone insurance on Monday but because of the holiday the claim didn't get put through till Tuesday, $50 deductible isn't bad for a $250 130 phone (wow, the cost dropped on those quick!). 2nd day ground, arrived close of business Thursday.

Totally didn't think about the fact that I have a bunch of handsets and their chargers lying around, that I could have done an ESN/MEID swap and been done with it. But I was focusing on my new job and changing my sleep schedule so such details slipped by. Had the phone for less than 2 days and then went back to that same club Saturday night. No one had turned it in to the office, so I went to check the sofa and sure enough, there it was. Good thing their cleaning crew sucks.

So now I have a green LG enV on the Verizon network that I'm looking to get rid of. Price: $50 + shipping. I'll even enclose the shipping receipt so you know I'm not ripping you off. Comes with a wall charger!

Job is awesome, but wears me out, which I like. My boss is way chill and a super genius, I hope to learn alot from him. Oh, and I get to see Kristi every weekday and that's exciting. Great lunches together! I was really missing spending time with her. And we've been hanging out after work too.

Grades haven't posted yet which makes me frown. I know I got A's, I just want to see them official. Will raise my cumulative gpa from 3.95 to 3.96, damn that 3.5 B+ in calculus back in Oxnard, haha. 13 A's and 1 B+. Too bad I tested out of 3 classes, those would have been 3 easy A's.

Anyways, this is my spring break so I'm making the most of it. Classes start back up on the 9th. I'm glad I was able to ease into work without having classes on top. It's gonna be rough working full time and going to school full time. Work 9-5, school 6-10.

Been running Mon, Wed, Fridays. Working out ok. The real fun comes on the weekends when I get to Free Run. Shut up, I know I hate jogging. I'm not jogging, I'm conditioning for Free Running. It works for me. And I haven't played WoW in the last 2 weeks, and the conditioning is making me eat healthier and work is making me sleep normal.

All-in-all things are the best they've been in years.

Your project has been pushed back, so sorry about that. I leave tomorrow for Michigan and won't return till the 8th (Sunday). Classes start on the 9th. Father's Day on the 15th (plus I'm going to have to work that weekend). And then out of town again to Sacramento from the 20th to the 28th. I'll try real hard to work on it when I can. Trust me, it's worth the wait.

Oh yeah, went to the beach yesterday with friends and fried. My face stings. But SO MUCH fun with the floaty at the sandbar!!

And lastly, someone's entry broke my friends page. Haven't been able to figure out which. A closed </div> somewhere. Will prolly just wait for it to scroll off. Yep, brought back an old layout, one of my favorites. With some new shiny's.

Time to go pack, I wonder what the weather is like in Michigan this time of year... 70 and raining... great...

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