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Not Myself, Not Yourself

So I'm a huge fan of the movie August Rush, it's right up there with The Legend of 1900.

Had an amazing night last night with Kristi. We went to Alberto's for Italian restaurant-style pizza. Then went to Jack Willie's tiki bar. Decided to step it up and hopped over to the Oak Room for martinis. Then went to the liquor store to buy little bottles of premade White Russians to sneak into the movie theater. Went and saw Sex in the City. Spent more time throwing popcorn at eachother than we did paying attention to the movie. Rounded out the night at Dagwood's bar to finish a pitcher. And back to her place so that Marshall wouldn't miss her and I crashed on sofa watching Jim Gaffigan, a hilarious standup comic. Now before you think what I know you're already thinking, Marshall told her to go out with me so that he could watch the game. And nothing happened.

Good father's day. Did homework while laying out in the sun by my dad who was relaxing. Mom made dinner and then a movie.

This full time work and full time school keeps me busy. Work from 9 to 5 and then school from 6 to 10pm. Go to sleep and wake up and do it again. Normally I have weekends off but because we're moving offices I had to put in 9 hours yesterday before going out with Kristi. Needed to build the new rack, oversee the moving of servers, and then hook everything back up and do wire management. Had a couple of drives fail in the RAID but was able to replace them and reconstruct the data.

Classes are good. Linux administration, Windows Server 2003 security, and Cisco routing. All the classes have me reading 2 chapters a week each. My free time is slim to none.

Justin goes into surgery Tuesday. My parents leave tomorrow morning to fly out there. Do me a favor and pray for him.

I leave Friday for Sacramento (assuming of course everything goes well with my brother and I'm not needed there).

I want to go car shopping mid July. I could spend $25k on a Toyota Prius (~44 mpg) or 40k on a Mini (~29 mpg). Think I may wait till I'm 25 to get my Mini that way I'll save on insurance. Plus the hybrid will be easier on my wallet gas-wise.

Anyways, I have alot on my plate right now. Sorry if I'm not "myself."

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